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Using your Superpowers to help build Supergirls

30% of school age children are bullied every year. 1 out of 4 kids (grade levels 6-10) experience bullying.

We’ve seen the headlines, and disturbing outcomes, the sadness and the grief. But we have yet to see someone step up to the task of finding a way to help children who have experienced bullying, overcome it.

I wasn’t bullied in school, and I hope that no one thought of me as a bully. But what I didn’t do was stand up for those that were being bullied. Friends, peers or classmates, I rarely took a public stance when the negativity landed at the feet of someone in school. Sure, behind the public eye I might have consoled and grieved with them, but never did I once take a stand. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m in Public Relations. It forces me to take a stand on a client, person, product, service and speak up for it.

I have a chance to help those I didn’t help when I was growing up. A friend of mine is that person taking a stand with a new nonprofit; Severson Sisters Foundation. I am in absolute love with it. Carrie Severson founded this organization to help build self-esteem, value and worth in girls who don’t  through reflection and activity in creative arts.  I can’t help but smile when I review the content she’s created, or help with the publicity. We use words like “Supergirl,” “passion,” “authentic,” “awesome!” It’s infectious.


I ask a few things of you:


1)      Take a look at the site:


2)      Friend them on Facebook “Severson Sisters”


3)      And attend the operational launch party on May 24th at Narcisse.

Help me, help Severson Sisters, and every young girl out there find their own self value, worth and love through the summer camp programming that kicks off June 6th.

Join me in the mission of Severson Sisters: to inspire girls to live their lives as their authentic, awesome, super, self while developing stronger sisterhoods among their peers.

Give what you can:  Praise, Supergirl high-fives, donations, supplies for camp, introduce us to others who may want to help.

Help me help girls who need some extra Superpower.



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