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I left my BB for the iPhone

I left my BB for the iPhone, ditched it with the IT guys the moment the iPhone arrived on my desk. I never thought I’d leave my BB, the keyboard that I could easily caress without looking down at it; I had every key curve memorized with the grace of my thumbs. It was organized, quick to respond with my sidekick for the past 7 years. I swore up and down that looks didn’t matter, that amenities and apps didn’t either, I would always be attracted to the solid foundation and reliability of the BB.

Like all girls, handsome looks, rich opportunities and enticement of having anything you could ever imagine at the touch of your finger tips stole me away. I left my BB for the iPhone.

It was only a matter of time. How smooth and sleek its body is, thin fitting in my hand, yet a robust build of apps to entertain and dazzle me. The iPhone was intelligent beyond what I realized under the veil of my former BB. Its voice is the melody that I’m seeking to hear at any moment, its light as bright or as dim as I need it, always willing and ready for any need I have.

Ah, my iPhone how I love thee.

I’m truly enjoying my iPhone more than I thought. The only downfall, it’s cut back on my driving and texting because I can’t feel the placement of the keys – not a bad thing. I’m about month 2 into the iPhone and really just now understanding anything is possible.

  • There’s a level for hanging pictures and posters.
  • There’s a booklight because I’m too lazy to get off the couch and turn on a reading light at night.
  • And a Zippo lighter for the NKOTB and Britney Spears concerts

All at the tap of a finger. A few of my favorite finger tap apps:

Runkeeper. A friend of mine showed me the capabilities of Runkeeper as he was training for a marathon. I was looking for other ways to entice myself to stay on the fitness track between yoga sessions. I’m not a runner, so I didn’t expect myself to stay with it too long, however, Runkeeper is what helps keep me active, even if only 1 mile at a time. The ability to see the calories burned, map out a run/bike/hike/walk, etc, its connection with the iPod and the coaching keep me looking forward to my time with Runkeeper.

The Starbucks Card. An addicts dream, and the gold card holder savior! I’ve been a gold card holder for the past 2 years. In the last 6 months I kept losing the card, forgetting to reload it. It just wasn’t easy, and I lost my gold card status L Unti now! I can reload at the tap of button, watch those Starbuck stars fill up my Starbucks iPhone cup and poured myself back into Gold Star status.

Spending Lite. And because of my addiction to Starbucks, this little app is FABULOUS in keeping myself on budget. The moment I make a purchase, it goes right into this little app, marked for what it is (food, gas, entertainment, etc), and I know exactly what’s in the account, download it into an excel, and monitor where my spending habits are.

Hipstamatic Photos. THE coolest photos ever. Want a grainy grade from centuries ago? Snap it with Grizzly. Want the 60’s red hue, snap it with the 1960s film. Polaroid? It’s there too. Much of the photos on the blog and being added to my Flickr account are from this app. You’ll even notice the header of my blog will change to reflect photos from this app.

Just a few of the reasons why I left my BB for the iPhone.

(original blog date March 8, 2011)

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