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Day #1: Gratitude Journal – Friends and Holidays

On Facebook, many friends have been posting their gratitude journals for a 30-day period. I enjoyed reading their posts, and it made me reflect on my own life and days that I thought ‘tis the season, is a good reminder to remind myself of all the things I am thankful, enjoy and cherish. A second reason is for to take time out each day for a breather and reminder to push past the daily challenges, and reflect on the good parts. So here goes.

Day #1
I have gratitude for:

• The start of the holiday season because the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are dedicated to family fun, appreciation and togetherness.

• For oversize rawhide bones because Derby’s eyes get so big when he sees what I brought home and for the hours of happiness he has dragging it around the house.

• For new-old friends that remember the passion I have for non-profit’s and asks me to help review marketing pieces. It warms my heart and gets my creativity going again.

• For my new sand volleyball friends taking the time to teach me what they know to improve my game. And for allowing “Ms. Mayhem” to test her rusty skills and new skills out on players that are way better than me.

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