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Day #3: Gratitude Journal – Sisters, Coffee, Friends and Passion

So many things to be grateful for and appreciate about today. First day back from extended PTO days or long weekends can be brutal. I made the effort today to sit back during the day and find the shiny moments, and honestly, it was fun.

Today’s points of gratitude:

• My sister and her rough/tom-boy exterior and how it teaches me to roll with the punches. Those you have highest expectations of can also be the most honest and know the exact buttons that get you stirred up. I am grateful for her to help toughen me up.

• The Starbucks crew at 7th St and Missouri, I’ve been there enough they see me walking up in the mornings and have my drink ready by the time I get to the cashier. That small customer service measure is a morning smile from me. And when I get to say “Double dirty chai” and hear the questions from the people behind me. 🙂

• Open communication and understanding between friends reminding me small issues are not the end of world, and some things are worth the risk.

• My intern Emily who has the hunger and passion I had at her age for this industry, it’s refreshing and revitalizing.

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