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Day #4: Gratitude Journal – Keep Calm & Sparkle

I am probably one of the most open females about the excitement of the Victoria Fashion Show. To me, it’s almost like the excitement of the Super Bowl, but on a more lacey, and less massive level. It doesn’t bother me that the models are inches taller and thinner than I am. What gets me interested is the story concepts, the music and the candid interviews with the Angels about their passion and hobbies outside of modeling – Adrenaline junkies, boxers, intelligent nerds, and so much more. It also thrills me to see the costume’s. I’m pretty sure my lingerie bill will be increasing over the next few weeks.

My gratitude for today:

• Women, who position themselves as well-rounded, interesting, passionate females that don’t stop with their looks, but use them as a platform for the greater good.

• Speaking of passionate role models, a college classmate Natalie Ehmka, CEO of Pretty Feisty is not only beautiful and smart, but has overcome dark things to empower others. I read her Facebook posts and am reminded that things continue on.

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