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Day #6 – Gratitude Journal –Scavenger Hunts and Air Guitar

Being the end of the week (pretend I posted this last night) is something to be grateful for, I’m not going to cop out and use that for my post. Instead, I’m forcing myself to look at the other side of things today.

My gratitude for today:

• Every place, relationship, setting has its good and bad. And it’s easy to see the bad more often than the good, and truly I think that’s a reflection of one’s own full-time happiness. Something that has been hard for me the past few weeks/months. Today, I see the value of all of the staff events and fun we have at work. And the scavenger hunt was the best in a long time. I’m naturally goofy, but rarely let people who aren’t close see that side. The hunt at work today let me shine in that light, and for a few hours, I was reminded.

• Living alone on nights like last night. Where you just have a party with you and your dog, blaring music, dancing around while making dinner and just enjoying the freedom.

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