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Day #7, 8 and 9 – Gratitude Journal

Okay, now I understand why everyone was posting their journals to their Facebook profiles – ease. You can post straight from your mobile device so missing a day is not an issue. Noted.

Overall, I am so grateful for this past weekend. It was the perfect storm of activity, fun, letting loose, and unexpected-expectede-ness. My gratitude goes to:

• New friends that are quickly becoming close friends. Being more comfortable with a person who is genuine, and shows me that it’s okay to make new friends everywhere you go. To lighten up, show my goofy self, and enjoy the moments in front of us. Without that friend on Saturday during the Volleyball tournament, I would have let my competitive, have-to-do-it-well side of me take out a lot of the fun I had.

• Straws – oh man am I grateful for you! Especially when there’s PBR in that cup.

• A community who supports and gives back. Saturday I played in a charity sand volleyball tournament, and it rocked! So may new faces, but more importantly, many community leaders there to help donate, run and be part of the 1st annual event. Check out Athlete’s Promise:

• For friends birthdays! The perfect excuse to head to the nearest casino/nightclub dressed in the hottest Vegas fashion and rock like rock starts until the wee hours of the morning. LeiLani’s birthday introduced me to new friends and people, and was the prime opportunity to connect with another friend who’s been elusive.

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