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Gratitude Journal Day #13 & 14 – Grandparents, back roads and a clean house

Slacking! Slacking! Such a slacker at times, but don’t discredit my efforts. I have been making mental notes and in my purple book notes of things to be grateful for each day. With so many recent changes, getting to my personal time has been a bit harder. But today and yesterday was all about me, and it felt AWESOME!

Things of gratitude the past two days:
• A clean house. There is no better feeling than a vacuumed, scrubbed, dusted, and fresh laundried house. A weight lifts everytime, and when I sit on the couch in the afternoon/evening, and see how perfectly organized and clean my abode is, it’s heartwarming.

• Sleeping all day. I don’t do it often, and no, I’m not sick, but the ability to sleep all day, get up for a few hours for a jog, and then back to bed is an amazing thing to be thankful for. Makes you feel refreshed, centered and relaxed.

• My grandparents. I learned a hard lesson when I was 22. I missed the last time I would ever see my mom’s parents alive because my live-in boyfriend at the time and I had a fight. I put him and my emotions first, and two weeks later my grandparents passed on. Having learned that lesson, and reliving it every day that I think about “what ifs” over them, I see my dad’s parents as much as I can. I hear the same stories, look at the same photos, read the same memories they wrote down. And I am every so grateful for it. I lost a lot of family history on my mom’s side, but on my dad’s I won’t. I have it memorized, and what’s not memorized is written down by them. This afternoon I spent 2 hours going through ornaments that are anywhere from 10 to 50-years old to add to my starter collection at my house.

• Back roads. There’s something to be said about spending an hour or two slowly making your way home on the back road. Windows down, music up and taking in the scenery you’ve never full experienced before. Seeing the farms (Duncans), driving past horse pastures, and dairy cows, cotton fields and along the base of the White Tank Mountains. Having nowhere to be but exactly where you are. It’s one of the most efficient ways to clear my mind since I always have to be somewhere, normally.

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