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Is Social and SEO one more step closer to getting married?

Facebook Graph has launched via beta today (Jan 15), and will be rolling out to the masses like everything else. Basically, Graph is turning Facebook into a larger search engine ecosystem and basing its recommendations from your own personal network. While it’s not competitive to Google, it is making it a way to keep fans and users within Facebook for recommendations to places.

Why does this matter ? For clients, it means a stronger focus to:

1)    Optimize brand pages with local addresses and information to be found relevant for recommendations (think of it like a local SEO campaign)

2)    Create engaging social content (likes, comments, shares) so as a user asks the Graph for recommendations, your clients content and pages is a winner. (Have you read the post about reach versus engagement: If Only They Could See You Now)

3)    Prepare social and SEO campaigns for future integration. Everything we work towards now, will have longer lasting benefits for future changes and successes.


Some resourceful articles:

Graph Search Tips

 Introducing Graph

I’ll update as more information, and more hands-on digging in happens.


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