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2013 | Year of the Unicorn (and turning 30)

Year of the Unicorn.

So I’ve declared 2013, which also happens to be the same year I turn (well, just did) 30. One of the best lines about turning 30 came from my client who said, “Welcome to the club. It’s an exclusive club, without a lot of perks.” When I dubbed this year as the Year of the Unicorn, it wasn’t for perks or the righteous sense of being handed something more special. It was more of my own personal statement and mantra of making things happen. Creating magic.

About 9 months ago I started reading a book called Zombies vs Unicorns. A collection of short stories gathered and analyzed by two authors batting for each team. It entertained me, and showed the softer side of Zombies and the darker side of Unicorns. But that’s beside the point of naming 2013 the Year of the Unicorn.

I’ve felt smelly and stale the past couple of years. Stagnant, and just trying to survive. Much like a Zombie; dead, yet undead. Surviving while still seeming to fall apart. Sure, the popularity of Zombies has skyrocketed over the past years with the TV Show Walking Dead, the Center for Disease Zombie Awareness campaign and other factors. You could say that being a Zombie was hip. I haven’t been feeling hip.

Knowing the Unicorns are full of magic, arrive at the right moment of panic or tragedy to show the path to the perfect ending, I decided that I’m batting for team Unicorn. I want to create magic – not have someone else rescue me, or hand it to me, or lead the way. I want to dream it up, create and make it happen.



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