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I took a long weekend trip in the Fall of 2016 with a few of my best friends. As an Arizona native, I’ve bene to the Grand Canyon before, but was never really impressed. So, for the weekend, us 3 ladies took off up North to explore the North rim, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend and everything that might happen in between.
Let me tell, you: EPIC with a huge high five jump and squeal. Arizona has always been a gorgeous place that continues to make me go “awe”, and these places didn’t disappoint. Here’s a few must-do’s if you take a similar trip:
1 – stop every so often and just be. Put the phone down, slowly turn in a circle and take each view in. Memorize it.
2 – be silly! Do heel click jumps, hide around a corner and jump out at your friends. Enjoy life.
3 – when you do pick up your camera, look for that angle, or that vision. If you’re in Antelope Canyon, have your guide suggest a few spots. Incredible.
4 – make a playlist so that when you hear those songs in the future, they transport you back to that trip. Feel it again.
What are you must long-weekend trips and to do’s?

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